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The Local Level

Fr. Michael Birdsong, Heritage Pregnancy Center
Fr. Michael Birdsong is the Pastor/Rector of St. Michael & All Angels

On April 16th during a board meeting for the
Heritage Pregnancy Center; Fr. Michael Birdsong was nominated to become
President/Chairman of the board of directors. Humbly and yet with passion Fr.
Mike accepted this position. During the meeting Fr. Mike reminded the board it
was their first and foremost duty to support and pray for the director who is
there and on site each day to minister to the persons who visit. Fr. Mike also
encouraged everyone to come to the revelation that “All Life is Sacred.” Fr.
Mike stated, “from the womb to the elderly, all belong to the Father and should
be protected and honored.”

The Heritage Pregnancy center in Thomaston, GA exist to not
only fight the slaughter of the unborn; but to educate ladies of all ages in
various areas from childcare, emotional healing, to even adoption. The center also
holds classes for young men to be proper fathers and healing for the fathers
who have been a part of abortion. Please pray for this center and Fr. Mike as
the fight the good fight on the local level.

Fr. Michael Birdsong is the Pastor/Rector of St. Michael & All Angels in Thomason, GA.

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